Residential: from Sockets and Lights to Stoves and More

We electrify new kitchensFor residential customers we provide the full range of services from the simple installation or repair of a socket to kitchen remodels and major construction projects, we do it all.  No job is too small.

Sometimes you have an electrical sockets that sparks just a little when you remove the cord.  That “just a little” could be a fire hazzard, so get it fixed.  Other times you want to relocate a few lights in the ceiling or to add a ceiling fan.  We do that too.

The next step is remodeling a room like a kitchen or bathroom.  There are special electrical considerations in these areas where water will be present.  Get a professional electrician involved early with experience in these projects.  There are many simple questions to be ansered and some more complicated ones as well.  We have the experience to give you good advice and to do the work properly and safely.

How about a major addition to your primary home or beach house?  We do that too.  Contact us early to prevent problems in the future.

Figlia Electric has the experience to be sure your job is done right.  Contact Us now to get started.