Fire Alarms and Monitoring

fire alarm solutonsIt is particularly important that commercial customers remain current with the ever changing requirements for fire alarm systems.  For residential customers, a monitored fire alarm system provides peace of mind and protection of your life and property.  We insall new alarm systems or upgrades to the one you already have.  Whether your property is large or small we do it all.

First we meet with you to understand your requirements and to inspect the property.  Once we have designed the solutions we obtain the necessary permits to install a new or to upgrade an existing fire alarm system.  Then we install the complete fire alarm system including the monitors, alarms, emergency boxes and connections to our monitoring service. We maintain the fire alarm systems we install.

And that’s not all.

We will monitor your new fire alarm system to ensure it is in proper working order and to notify you and the emergency response teams if necessary.  Each year will recertify your fire alarm system as required.

Enjoy peace of mind and protection of life and property

Our fire alarm systems allow you to relax a little bit more knowing that you are safer than without one.