Installations of Automatic Electric Generators

Many people recently are installing automatic electric generators in the Bergen County area.  When you loose electic power due to a stom like Sandy, you might suffer more than the inconvenience of being in the dark or cold.  You might loose the food stored in your refrigerator or freezer and incur the expense of replacing it after the power is restored.  Loosing your heat could be even more devastating, if the temperature inside your home get low enough to freeze the water and hearing pipes.

Generac Electric GeneratorElectric generators create the electric power you will need in a blackout.

These generators, when properly installed, start when you loose your normal source of electricity.  The switching mechanisms we install automatically disconnect your normal source of electricity and connect the emergency generator to your home until the crisis is over.  The generators are normally powered by natural gas or by gasoline.

Transfer Switching

transfer_switch_diagram_mdYou never want two sources of power into your home at the same time.  Figlia Electric installs the manual or automatic transfer switch your system requires.  This way the power comes either from the main power supply or from the auxillary generator:  not both.

We do the complete electrical installation

The owners of Figlia Electric are the same people who come to your home to do the installation, not a stranger.  We are proud of the work we do.  Our experience often enables us to complete the job in less time than others to save you money.